nasen Universal SEND Services: Action Research and Lesson Study Project

When applying to take part in this project you will join the next term’s cohort’.

To access the application forms, click the links below, which will take you to a Microsoft Form: 

Action Research for ISEND: Application Form 

Lesson Study for ISEND: Application Form

Depending on the time of year you apply for this project, you will join the next term’s cohort. For example, those applying in the Summer term will join the Autumn Cohort, those applying in the Autumn term will join the Spring Cohort, and those applying in the Spring term will join the Summer cohort. If you would prefer an alternative to this, or have any questions, please feel free to email the project lead, Dr Geraldene Codina,


Action Research projects take approximately one and a half terms to plan and complete (excluding dissemination).

Lesson Study projects take approximately one term to plan and complete (excluding dissemination)

Engagement in this project


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Engagement in this Project

Participating settings will:
Twilight sessions

To support each school and college to setup and engage in Action Research or Lesson Study for ISEND, each setting will be offered 6 free online twilight sessions. Sessions will run through two terms and will be structured to guide schools and colleges through the Action Research or Lesson Study for ISEND process. Sessions will be led by Dr Geraldene Codina and/or Professor Deborah Robinson.

Conducting Action Research or Lesson Study for ISEND

With support from the University of Derby, participating settings will setup and conduct their own bespoke Action Research or Lesson Study project.


Settings who participate in this project will be encouraged to share their research findings with others in their setting and with staff in one other school or college. Dissemination could take place during a staff meeting, or form part of an inset day, etc.

As part of the dissemination process, participating schools and colleges will be encouraged to record their research findings in a written case study and short video. To support with this process, a proforma will be provided for both the case study and video:

Case studies and videos will be presented on a website as a freely available public resource.


To evaluate the effectiveness of Action Research or Lesson Study for ISEND, those directly participating in this project will be asked to complete an impact evaluation form. Participating schools and colleges will also be provided with an evaluation form to share with those whom they directly disseminate their findings to.


In addition to the freely available, DfE funded, Action Research or Lesson Study CPD, schools and colleges who disseminate their research and complete their evaluation form will be eligible to claim a £300 honorarium.

Project Legacy

Schools and colleges which participate in this project will be able to utilise this CPD opportunity as a point from which to further embed a practitioner-researcher culture in their setting, or support others within the organisation to develop their own small-scale research projects.

The materials created for this project will form the basis of a high-quality resource which other schools and colleges can access for ideas and support on Action Research and Lesson Study for ISEND. Thus, case studies and videos which are featured on the website will be a marker of esteem for participating schools and colleges and a resource from which they can access further support in the future. 

If you have any questions about the project including the application process, please feel free to email the Project Lead Dr Geraldene Codina.