Inequality and Social Justice research cluster

The issue of balancing social control with social justice is a pivotal issue for society, and our research in this cluster addresses a range of substantive and methodological issues and conceptual debates surrounding that balance. With our focus on sites of social inequality and discrimination, we aim to meld theory and practice, and in the process, unite colleagues researching multiple dimensions of social inequality, including class, race and ethnicity, and gender, in order to systematically examine issues critical to contemporary social justice.

The work of the cluster is propelled by an awareness of the upsurge in inequalities associated with neoliberal governance. We seek to draw on a range of intellectual currents, and the cluster encompasses research which includes politics and power, global inequalities, the culture of criminal and community justice, the cultural and economic dimensions of globalization and international relations, and the way in which inequality is leading to social change, political contestation and elite attempts to manage social and political destabilization.

We aim to explore diverse topics and will apply empirical and theoretical methodologies to assist our analysis of how contemporary politics and culture have frequently come to be rooted in inequalities. Public engagement and impact are key aspects of our work, and we aim to disseminate our research to a wide audience.

Current projects

The Inequality and Social Justice team