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Dr Phil Burton-Cartledge

Course Director, Business, Law, and Social Sciences


Social Sciences


College of Business, Law and Social Sciences


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I wear two hats at the University. As Course Director, my role is about improving the experiences of students and helping them realise their full potential. As a senior lecturer in Sociology, I deliver accessible and engaging courses that help students get to grips with the way the social world works, how it has changed, and what role they have in shaping it for the better.

I joined the University of Derby as a lecturer in Sociology in 2013 after a period of working for a Member of Parliament.

Outside of academia, I am a politics blogger and occasional contributor to a number of media outlets. These have included BBC Radio 4, local radio, The Independent, and New Statesman among others. I also speak regularly to audiences of trade unionists, campaigners, and activists. My work has been featured in The EconomistTimes Literary Supplement, and The Guardian, among others. 

Teaching responsibilities

I currently lead the following modules:

I also supervise dissertations at undergraduate and postgraduate level. 

Research interests

I am interested in the sociology of power and politics, with a particular interest in British politics and questions of power, class, and interest in the Conservative and Labour parties. My most recent publication, The Party's Over: The Rise and Fall of the Conservatives from Thatcher to Sunak (2023) explains the electoral difficulties of Britain's most successful political party. This is the paperback edition of an earlier book mostly written during the first Covid lockdown in Spring of 2020 that highlighted the long-term difficulties facing the party - problems Boris Johnson's 2019 election triumph only compounded.

I am also interested in questions of political subjectivity and governance and whether, as Western societies move away from market-focused economic policies to more interventionist measures, how this builds on and undermines the common senses of the last 40 years.

Additionally, I have two side interests. The first is in science fiction and its depictions of societies of the near and far future. I am currently composing a paper on the conservative use of SF scenarios. The second is on the politics of local and regional economic regeneration. 

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Experience in industry

Having previously worked in a politics-related occupation and as an activist, I have experience and insight into the workings of a local and national government, running campaigns, organising set-piece events, formulating political strategy, and media management.

International experience

Coverage of my work has been featured in American, Spanish, Belgian, German, and Polish publications. I have also appeared on Californian public radio. 

In the media

I have appeared on and contributed to broadcast and print media over the years, and I am a regular speaker at labour movement and other events. My work has also attracted some media comment. Here is a selection from the last year.

Recent publications

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