Dr Phil Burton-Cartledge

Phil Burton-Cartledge

Position: Lecturer in Sociology

College: College of Business, Law and Social Sciences

Department: Humanities

Subject area: Social Science

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Phil’s previous experience includes working for a leading shadow cabinet member.

Phil can talk about politics and political policy, political activism, current affairs, celebrity and the social implications of technology.

Teaching responsibilities

I currently lead the following modules:

  • Inequalities in Modern Britain (year one)
  • Placement for Employability and Reflective Practice (co lead - year two)
  • Gender and Sexuality (year two)
  • Political Participation: Elections, Social Movements, and Protest (year three)
  • Work Placement for Graduate Employability (year three)
  • Sociology of Health and Illness (year three)

I also contribute to the first year module Thinking Sociologically and the second year Capitalism, Culture, and Class.

Research interests

I have a wide range of research interests. I completed my PhD looking at the process of radicalisation and continued commitment of Trotskyist activists in 2009. I retain an interest in the far left and the sociology of social movements more generally. I also have an interest in the sociology of power and politics, and am currently working on a couple of papers looking at the BBC's flagship politics programme, Question Time. Future projects include a study of so-called Corbynmania and the Labour Party, and at something of a remove, sociology and big data, and another piece on video games and gameplay mechanics.

If my interests can be summed up, they would be the sociology of politics and power, political economy and social theory, and digital media.

Membership of professional bodies

  • Fellow of the Higher Education Association


  • PhD - Keele University 2005-2009
  • MRes Political Parties and Elections - Keele University 2004-2005
  • MA Social and Cultural Theory - Staffordshire University 2000-2002
  • I also hold a Postgraduate Certificate for teaching in Higher Education.

Recent publications

  • (2014) Marching separately, seldom together: the political history of two principal trends in British Trotskyism, 1945-2009, in E. Smith and M. Worley (eds) Against the Grain: The British far left from 1956. Manchester: Manchester University Press.
  • (2011) The Real Lessons of New Labour, in E. Clarke and O. Gardner (eds) The Red Book. London: Searching Finance.

Experience in industry

Having previously worked in a politics-related occupation and as an activist, I have experience and insight into the workings of local and national government, running campaigns, organising set piece events, formulating political strategy, and media management.

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