Educational Research Clusters

Our research clusters, groups, and networks are the ‘hubs’ for educational research at the University of Derby. We conduct educational research that makes a difference and work at the cutting edge of the field to develop new ideas and evaluate what works.

What we do

Within our education research clusters, we engage in theoretical, applied, pedagogic (relating to the theory and practice of education) and policy-based research. We have strong links to the Institute of Education’s postgraduate research, postgraduate taught and undergraduate programmes.

We work with teaching academics, students and the wider educational community to inspire meaningful, critical intellectual activity in pursuit of excellence in teaching and learning, and develop contemporary curricula.

Our impact

We aim to build and sustain a vibrant, thriving, fully participatory research environment that achieves excellence through original, significant and robust research activity which has a positive impact on academic staff, students and the wider educational community.

Includes research specialisms in the broad areas of:

Our support

Our priority is to support staff and postgraduate research students in their development as researchers and scholars. We aim to:

Our Staff and Student Research and Scholarship Forum brings together a diverse group of experienced and novice researchers in the Institute of Education to learn, share and develop effective practice in academic research. It is open to all academic staff and postgraduate research students. This forum designs and delivers continuing professional development (CPD) for researchers through a year-long programme of events constructed around the needs of participants. It is an expression of our commitment to an inclusive, participatory research culture.

Study with us

If you are interested in working on a research degree within the field of Education, please contact Dr Ihsan Caillau-Foster - or Dr Jack Bryne Stothard - to discuss your ideas.