Recent Projects

Technical and Vocational Education and Training Research Cluster - Recent Projects

Evaluation of the first (2017-18) T-level work placements designed by The Challenge Network (project led by the Institute of Employment Studies and funded by the Department for Education) Final report at

Evaluation of work-based learning on study programmes to inform practice on the Technical Routes (carried out on behalf of the Gatsby Foundation). Journal article based on the study at

Pilot, roll-out, re-design and evaluation of teaching programme for apprenticeship assessors (ETF) Journal article based on the study at

Teaching higher education in colleges and workplaces (ETF). Resources based on the study can be found on the ETF’s Foundation Online Learning site.

Case studies of routes leading to higher education progression across academic and technical pathways (Gatsby).

Developing a High-Value Level 1 Offer for Low-attaining Young People (ongoing, Rothschild). Paper reporting the study at