Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Research Cluster

What we do

The Mechanical/Manufacturing Engineering Research Cluster was developed in 1995. The research activities within this Cluster focus mainly upon Advanced Materials, Manufacturing Techniques and Systems, Thermofluids and Mechanical Analysis by CFD and FEA, Manufacturing Management and Mechatronics. There have been newly developed research activities in areas such as Aerospace Engineering, Composite Engineering, Surface Engineering, Additive Manufacturing, and Motorsport Engineering. The emerging and development of such technologies are the fundamental stone for the country's economic development.

Current research projects are mainly industrial application projects plus some fundamental research projects, with more fundamental research projects being developed for the future. This will ensure the Cluster will become not only the strong technical support centre for SME enterprises in knowledge transfer and knowledge application but also a fundamental research centre.

The Research Cluster has acknowledged expertise in the following areas:

Advanced Materials, Manufacturing and Composites Engineering 

Thermofluids, Design Analysis and Vehicle Dynamics

For further information, please contact:

Dr. Yiling Lu


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