iCeGS has published an extensive library of publications that have developed theory, policy, and practice in careers and career guidance. Most of our publications are free online, but we also have some volumes you can purchase from the iCeGS bookshop. Our latest publications are: 

Godden, L., Moore, N., Nesbitt, H. & Marchant, S. (2024). Career-Related Learning in Elementary Schools: Seriously? Canadian Association of Principals (CAP) Journal.

Godden, L., Moore, N., Nesbitt, H. & Marcvhant, S. (2024). Embracing The Role of Career Educator: Exploring possibilities in elementary schools. Canadian Association of Principals. Flipside.

Hooley, T. & Thomsen, R. (2023). A Reflection on the Legacy of Ronald Sultana. Indian Journal of Career and Livelihood Planning. 12 (1), pp. 79-82. 

Lauder, L. & Neary, S. (2023). The role and relevance of pedagogic contexts in training adult careers professionals. British Journal of Guidance & Counselling. pp. 1-14.

Alexander, R., Hooley, T., & Mellors-Bourne, R. (2023). Supporting local students. An evaluation of the Office for Students Challenge Competition: Industrial strategy and skills support for local students and graduates. Office for Students.