ISEND Research Cluster Symposium

Date and time
Wednesday, 8 December 2021
16.00 - 17.00


Presentation Descriptions

These events will feature two 20 min' research presentations from University of Derby academics/PGR students.

Sarah Roeschlaub

Sarah is currently in the early stages of PhD research investigating how same-sex families conceptualise their family unit and the influence of external and internal factors on their individual and familial identity. The presentation's focus will be introducing the rationale for the study and the methodology proposed whilst exploring PhD journey so far. 

Debs Robinson

With a particular focus on learning disabilities, the purpose of this session is to tell the story of Special and Ordinary education as their relationship progresses through eras of division, divergence, and coalition. To begin, current policy is elucidated to illustrate relevant issues and complexities. Then, the periods of division (1880 to 1969), divergence (1970-1993) and growing coalition (1994 to 2014) are examined to identify future challenges for education and diversity in the future.

To gain a link and an invite for this meeting, please get in touch with Geraldene Codina at g.codina@derby.ac.uk