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Animation has always been an amazing area to study. Being able to take inanimate objects and being able to give them life through movement is an enjoyable skill to have which is why I wish to further my career in the subject.

Maya is a program I am greatly familiar with; with around 5 years of experience, I am comfortable animating for both gameplay and cutscenes which can be seen in detail on my Vimeo page.

Though animation is the area I feel strongest at, I am familiar with 3D modelling and rigging within Maya, texturing within Adobes Substance Painter and setting up cutscenes, creating environments and limited node-based programming in Unreal.

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James Hendy
Computer Games Modelling and Animation

I am an observer of all things environmental and the interactions of individuals with and in response to the same. I have a passion for creativity and immersive experiences.

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