David Phoenix

I enrolled on the CGMA course to help incubate my existing game art skills and to align my knowledge to the current industry standards. The course was very up-to-date with the existing state of a very rapidly evolving industry and taught me many things I still had to learn including the current industry standard software which I used throughout all my projects over the course of my studies. My goal following graduation is to become a competent Environment Artist within the games industry and this is reflected in the personal work that I have created and continue to create as I develop my skills and learn new ones.

This work is created using existing industry-standard software such as Maya and the Substance 3D software package, as well as other tools I find useful to get the work done such as Blender.

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David Phoenix
Computer Games Modelling and Animation

My passion for creating games has been with me since I started learning to program simple games at 11. Since then, I have aimed to pursue a career in game art with the goal of becoming a Lead Environment Artist.

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