My main inspiration is the freedom a 3D software gives me. Having absolutely no barrier in the creation process allows me to experiment with topics and visuals that cannot be recreated in real life, therefore pushing me to create “the impossible”.

The mediums used for the degree show work reflect my preferred pipeline. The 3D models were generated and UV’ed in Blender and Maya. The textures were done in Substance Painter. For the initial renders, my software of choice is Corona Renderer but sometimes Octane and Unreal Engine fit the scope better. The colour-grading is done in Photoshop or in Blender’s compositor.

For animations, the editing software of choice is Premiere Pro. I like to place my subject (which is usually a vehicle) in a unique environment, that is not usually associated with the automotive industry, for example, a cave or a swamp.

My experience at the University of Derby was phenomenal. I have developed not only as an artist but as an individual through the guidance offered by the lecturers.

My future plan is to work as a creative director or a 3D modeller for an animation or a games studio. I would also love to work in advertisement, in the pipeline of creating commercials for car manufacturers.

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Andrei Recareanu
Computer Games Modelling and Animation

I am a passionate 3D artist that specializes in automotive modelling and displaying. I always try to push myself into creating stunning visuals for my projects.

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