From an early age growing up, I have always shown strengths in design and application. Being able to use creative thinking to construct and develop 3D artefacts.

I have always had a passion for creating and bringing digital worlds to life using objects and how specific texture styles are used to generate specific emotions towards the viewer. Using 3D applications to create a broad range of artefacts to obtain realism and understanding.

Being able to generate atmospheres and bring environments to life through a variety of techniques is something I hold a passion for. I hope to further my skills with continued self-development and practice.

Environmental design is something I hope to achieve as a career as a long-term goal. I hope to explore other relatable areas such as texture development and familiarise myself with a broader range of relatable software to build my strength in other areas such as Houdini and Z brush.

Before starting my degree at the University of Derby I possessed no experience with 3D software due to coming from an IT-based background. I feel like this opportunity has provided me with new abilities and has increased my confidence in the field, helping me to further recognise and establish my strengths.

After finishing my degree, I would like to focus on building up independent projects to contribute towards my portfolio and obtain some experience in the industry.

My inspiration and influence are born from my own lived experience and that of my siblings. Born neurodivergent, my lived learning journey has not been typical. As a nonverbal young child, my interaction with the world was via visual means and I developed skills and strengths in untaught areas. I am thankful to the University of Derby for giving me the opportunity to curiously explore my potential hope to be a role model to my siblings and the neurodiverse community. The only limits are the ones we place on ourselves.

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Alex Norwood
Computer Games Modelling and Animation

I am an observer of all things environmental and the interactions of individuals with and in response to the same. I have a passion for creativity and immersive experiences.

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