Hannah Mountford

Health and Wellbeing Centre

My project was designed to provide a building for the community of Derby in relation to a post-pandemic design by creating an open space for the community to combat mental health and wellbeing, whilst providing space for educational events/guest speakers to talk openly about mental health. There is also room for additional support for the NHS by providing NHS referral rooms for consultations and appointments.

The idea was to create a hub area, ‘a safe space’ for anyone feeling the need for a well-being boost, where the user can access many health benefits all under one roof such as a spa area, supplements shop, healthy restaurant dining area, fitness class zones, yoga/meditation areas and more.

The aim is to connect the community by bringing modern methods of therapy through a holistic approach to combat and fight against mental health and well-being all under one roof.

I used the following programs for my project: AutoCAD, SketchUp Pro, Photoshop, PowerPoint and Lumion

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Hannah Mountford
Architectural Technology and Practice BSc

I am a hardworking student who is currently studying part-time over a 5-year period. I am currently in my fourth year of study.

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