Aneesa Ahmed

Silk Mill Apartments

The purpose of this project was to revitalise the City Centre of Derby. A six-story building (including the basement) was planned for retail and leisure, but the major objective was to construct a luxurious and contemporary residential space which covers three floors of the building. 

A strategy intended to unify diverse groups and communities for the greater benefit. Beneficial and conducive to the well-being and satisfaction of the people. To accommodate the desires and needs of the city and its inhabitants, the development plan has been carefully constructed to maximise the available alternatives. The project will honour the region's famous architectural history while increasing pedestrian traffic and accessibility. If the project is carried out, the Cathedral Green neighbourhood will reap the advantages of public-benefitting improvements, as well as those of existing and future neighbours all in accordance with the goals of the Derby Masterplan for 2030.

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Aneesa Ahmed
BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Venue Design

Due to the intensity of this degree, meeting deadlines and achieving objectives was a frequent occurrence; this has elevated my ability to work effectively under pressure and manage my time, regardless of the fast-paced environment. The combination of these experiences has made me more confident.

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