Michail-Ioannis Regkos

I’ve always been a huge fan of both gaming and anime. During my third and second year projects, my research focused on stylised art techniques, two-tone “toon shaded” lighting, as well as stylised visual effects (VFX).

Using industry standard tools such as Unreal Engine, the Substance suite and Maya among others, I dabbled into almost every part of the game development pipeline.

This Game Socks

While developing the game This Game Socks, my teammates and I inspired each other to put our best foot forward in order to create something we could be proud of. That, for me, was the highlight of my university experience.

In the future, I wish to contribute in the creation of even more amazing games and experiences. At the end, when I feel content, I’d probably return to my home country of Greece and use my knowledge to assist a new generation of prospective 3D artists!

Michail-loannis Regkos

Michail-Ioannis Regkos
BA (Hons) Computer Games Modelling and Animation

Born and raised in Greece, I moved to the UK three years ago to study. I have a passion for games, Japanese animation, and technology in general. When it comes to work, I have experience in tutoring, sales, and retail customer service.


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