Godfrey Fernandes

The 3D Modelling And Animation course I studied at the University of Derby has taught me new skills and helped me make great connections. I have learned state-of-the-art games industry techniques taught by skilled lecturers. I have learned many skills such as creating stunning 3D environments, game ready character creation along with creating animations for video games.

Using mediums such as Maya, Substance Painter/Designer, Zbrush, Houdini and the Unreal Engine has allowed me to learn different workflows used by the industry. Working with programmers and creating games has given me insight of the work atmosphere within the games industry and taught me the importance of good teamwork while working on a project together in a big team.

This course has given me the skills to create 3D art and I believe the skills I have learned will assist me in the future in finding a good job in the games industry.

Computer Games Modelling and Animation student Godfrey Fernandes

Godfrey Fernandes

I am a third-year student studying 3D Modelling and Animation at the University Of Derby. I am passionate about creating 3D and 2D art as well as creating video games.


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