Rebecca Deeley

The Guild, Derby

I have an interest in hospitality and venue design backed by years of experience within the industry. I have a good understanding as to the space and function needed. I have used digital 3D modelling, rendering and CAD software, and photoshop to refine my work to a presentable standard.

My inspiration comes from nature and organic forms, which is reflected within my work. My future plans are to gain a few years of experience in the architectural and design industry within the local Derbyshire area, eventually continuing my studies with a Master’s degree in architecture.

An inside area with trees and people walking around

Rebecca Deeley
BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Venue Design

As a mature student, I have worked within the hospitality industry for years and was looking for a career change to better my prospects for myself and my daughter. Having found a flare for architectural design, I look forward to bringing a fresh perspective to the industry.


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