Krzysztof Strakulski

Botanic Garden and Research Centre

In the third and final year of this course, I focused mainly on this project. I wanted to challenge myself and increase my knowledge and skills. For the project, I used programs like Revit and AutoCAD as main programs with SketchUp, Enscape, InDesign, and Photoshop as add-ons. When designing, I was inspired by nature and a friendly environment. I wanted to introduce more greenery to the city and show people how nature can be beautiful and that everyone can take care of it themselves through various activities.

My experience as a student at the University of Derby has been very positive. The staff and people I have met here are very friendly and helpful. In the future, I wanted to work in an architectural firm with friendly people like the University of Derby.

Construction of this new infrastructure, which will be a technical and technological Botanic Garden with various programs in the field of green spaces and gardening in connection with education, culture, and economy, provide the opportunity of programs "do it yourself", and programs in the field of various presentations. The purpose of this development is to create promotion and popularization of Eco-friendly spaces, as it will allow people to spend their time in contact with nature.

A drawing of a dome style building with people walking around outside.

Krzysztof Strakulski
BSc (Hons) Architectural Technology and Practice

As a person, I am very calm and friendly to others. I am eager to learn new things. Ambitious and motivated, I look positively at the world and my future in the field of architecture.


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