James Boxell

Starbase Derby

Starbase Derby is an ambitious proposal to construct a futuristic learning environment that will revolve around the current leaps being made in space travel while also providing a place for science fiction. This landmark project will not only help regenerate Derby city centre, it is also expected to make a large contribution to eight out of the eleven strategic objectives contained within the City of Derby Local Plan. The museum will have a strong focus on SpaceX and t's Starship programme which has been selected by NASA for their Artemis project which aims to deliver the technical advancements that will be required to take humans to the moon in 2023.

Future plans

The exhibits in Starbase Derby will charter the journey of discovery that has been made to date and more importantly will align with current endeavours that will bring STEM to life for the next generation of explorers. From a personal perspective this has been a most challenging undertaking given the scale of the construction that has been proposed. It has also provided an appropriate opportunity to fully test all the architectural skills I have acquired over the last three years.

A drawing of inside a space centre

James Boxell
BSc (Hons) Architectural Technology and Practice

I came to Derby in 2016 and have grown particularly fond of the city. As can be seen from the Starbase Derby project, I have a passion for science and enjoy my role as moderator for one of the largest sites on Redditt. I have made progress at university and hope for a long and rewarding career.


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