Francesca Moroz

Wright Gallery + Studios

The overarching aim of the regeneration of Derby City Centre was to provide a vibrant and exciting hub to encourage the younger generation to make roots within Derby, and to reintroduce the cultural heart that the city is missing. The masterplan was developed with this in mind through the creation of bustling hotspots within the urban realm and through the provision of evolved working environments.

The selected site for redevelopment located on a vacant riverside site in Full Street provides the perfect new base for the Wright Gallery + Studios - a dedicated homage to the currently under-celebrated painter Joseph Wright.

The proposal features the newly housed Wright artworks as well as permanent and temporary gallery/exhibition space. To further encourage and nurture the culture within the City and the people's artistic capabilities, workshops and studio spaces provide the community an outlet to thrive and perhaps discover the next generation of prodigies.

Demonstrated throughout the work created within this final year of study at the University of Derby are all of the skills I have developed along the way. From sketching to detailing, the plethora of knowledge gained during my time studying has provided fundamental grounding to set me on my career path within the Built Environment. An area I am particularly interested in is the art of Architectural Visualisation as demonstrated in my work. I plan to explore this area further with the hopes of pursuing a career in visualisation production in the future.

Student Francesca Moroz smiling

Francesca Moroz
BSc (Hons) Architectural Technology and Practice

A confident and outgoing final year student with a passion for architecture and design. Meticulous in my approach, I thrive on challenging situations where I can push myself to get the best outcome for all, in an organised and timely manner while still being original and inventive with my designs.


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