David Taylor

The Engine

I have a desire to better understand how the built environment can respond to the challenges of the modern world in providing spaces that celebrate and belong to the people and place they are designed for, whilst aiming to reduce our impact on the planet. My third year work has been focused on the exploration of integrating alternative construction methods, technologies and green infrastructure to create an interconnected community-focused civic space which is intended to give back to the people of Derby.

I have used hand drawing, physical model making, 3D modelling software, and digital draughting software including AutoCAD, Sketchup, Vray, and Photoshop to help realise these design goals.

A drawing of the outside of a building with people in groups and walking around it.

David Taylor
BSc (Hons) Architectural Technology and Practice

Upon graduation I intend to further my involvement with the CIAT and am looking towards chartered environmentalist and passive design certifications. I'm Staffordshire based, sustainability focused, and interested in off-road cycling, climbing, art, and music.