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Jessica Chapman, LLB student

Jessica Chapman, 21, is in her third and final year of the LLB.

Derby was welcoming and unique

"I chose to take the LLB because after studying law at A-level and attending a ‘law club’ at a local university, I discovered that law was a challenging, interesting and versatile subject and so I wanted to pursue it as a career. It was clear that in order to enter the legal profession, an LLB was the best option.

"After visiting numerous open days at different universities, Derby appealed to me because the whole University came across as very friendly and helpful and I felt as though I would fit in well. Additionally, the practical experience that the Derby LLB offered instantly appealed to me as an exciting and unique aspect." 

A challenging course, but with support on-hand

"So far the course has been both intellectually stimulating and eye-opening. The core modules have exposed me to a variety of legal areas, some of which have been difficult to grasp. However, despite finding some modules difficult, it soon became apparent to me that if I worked extremely hard throughout the course I could do equally well in these modules too.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of my degree, however it is in the third year that you are really able to delve into and discover areas that are of particular interest to you. The course offers a wide range of optional modules to choose from; we are almost spoilt for choice!

"Additionally, the support lecturers give is fantastic; there is always someone to speak to if you are in need of help or advice. Furthermore, the enthusiasm each lecturer has for their respective module is very encouraging and it is clear that they want their students to do as well as possible."

Fantastic extra-curricular activities

"One of the aspects of the LLB that I have enjoyed the most is the opportunity to get involved in a variety of extra-curricular activities. These are not only enjoyable but also provide valuable experience for your legal career. I have had the opportunity to take part in:

  • mooting competitions
  • debates
  • drafting witness statements for social work students
  • client interviewing competitions, and much more.

"I now have activities and achievements on my CV that make me stand out from other job applicants; something that is essential in the extremely competitive legal market." 

Life after the LLB

"I plan to study the Legal Practice Course (LPC) here at Derby which is the next step towards my ultimate goal of becoming a solicitor. After completing the Legal Practice Course I will need to obtain a training contract from a solicitors. It is very difficult to obtain a training contract but the outcome – qualifying as a solicitor – will make the effort worthwhile." 

Preparation for my career

"The LLB has helped me to prepare for my chosen career in many ways. The practical side of the degree meant that I was instantly aware of the differences between solicitors and barristers and so enabled me to make an informed choice as to which path to take.

"Furthermore, due to the drafting, advocacy and client interviewing experience that I have gained from assessments, I now appeal to prospective employers as a candidate that not only understands the law but can apply it to real life situations.

"As a result of the experience the Derby LLB gave me, I was fortunate enough to gain legal work experience in two law firms which now looks fantastic on my CV. The LLB at Derby is fantastically unique in its practical approach and this is why it is such a brilliant course." 

Head and shoulders shot of LLB student Jessica Chapman "As a result of the experience the Derby LLB gave me, I was fortunate enough to gain legal work experience in two law firms which now looks fantastic on my CV. It is such a brilliant course."