Student Legal Advice Centre

The Student Legal Advice Centre was established within Derby Law School in February 2019.


How it works:

The centre is a student led initiative, working alongside the supervision of qualified legal professionals.

Student involvement:

As a student of Derby Law School, you will have the opportunity to become involved with the centre from the outset of your degree.

First year students are currently involved in a street law project. This promotes the teaching of law to all members of the community, including school children, by informing them of their legal rights and responsibilities.

Second year students have the opportunity to become involved in a Litigant in Person project. This is a help desk at court whereby students will offer assistance to people at court who are unable to afford legal representation. 

Third year students are involved in our clinic, which sits central to our Student Legal Advice Centre. The clinic takes weekly appointment based sessions that are arranged for members of the public to attend the centre to obtain legal advice, with our students having the opportunity to see clients, take instructions and prepare advice. 

This is an amazing opportunity to develop the real skills required to succeed in the legal profession while still studying at an undergraduate level.

Matt Bettany
LLB (hons) graduate