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Esther Macheteh, LLM student

Esther Macheteh is studying an LLM full time, specialising in International Human Rights. She already holds an LLB, a Postgraduate Diploma in International Trade and a Masters in International Business. Esther's also worked as a marketing analyst/business strategist in the software company, ACMS UK, and volunteered as a legal secretary at a solicitors in London.

Choosing the LLM and choosing Derby

"Several LLM programmes, including the one at Derby, are research-orientated, which gives you a chance to delve deep into a topic, and – with faculty guidance – come out with a publishable piece of research.

"Of course, publishing articles is good for a lawyer's resume and a research-focused LLM is also a gateway into PhD work, which can open up doors to many careers. These are the reasons why I wanted to take a research-focused LLM.

"I decided to study at the University of Derby because it offers exactly what is needed in International Law and International Human Rights. With the world today being a global village, it does not suffice to just study human rights in a particular region or country. The LLM at Derby covers it from an international perspective. Also, human rights students have the opportunity to witness a case in the International Criminal Court, all funded by the University. It couldn’t have been any better!”

Personal highlights

"The course has been very interesting so far. What I enjoy the most is firstly, the solid research foundation laid down in the Legal Scholarship module. It has helped me learn how to source reference materials and come out with research that fills in the gaps left by other scholars. I am currently researching into the violation of the Right to Life of Citizens in War Torn Countries.

"International Criminal Law seems to be taking more of my interest; we examine fact not just based on theories but current affairs. But the most exciting aspect is actually visiting the International Criminal Court.

"Overall, the course gives you a wonderful research opportunity to come out with your own ideas in a problem solving form."

Life after the LLM

"After my LLM, I will definitely continue with a PhD and also take the Bar exams. My short term objectives are to lecture in Public Law in universities and my long term objectives are to be a special legal adviser to states or the United Nations."

LLM student, Esther Macheteh, on a roof terrace in London "The University of Derby offers exactly what is needed in International Law and International Human covers it from an international perspective...students can also witness a case in the International Criminal Court.”