School of Human Sciences staff

Postgraduate Coordinator for Sport, Outdoor and Exercise Science Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology

Charlotte is a Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology and leads the Advanced Research Methods, Advanced Sport Psychology, and Psychology of Exercise and Physical Activity modules on the programme. Her research areas include effective practice and education and training in sport psychology, professional practice in sport and exercise, and motivation and wellbeing in athletes.

Senior Lecturer

Mark is a Senior Lecturer, Researcher, Performance Consultant to Elite Athletes and MSc Programme Leader.

Dr Joel Chidley mountain biking in Canada
Lecturer in Sport Outdoor and Exercise Science

As a lecturer and level 6 lead in Sport Outdoor and Exercise Science, Dr Chidley leads modules on environmental exercise physiology and research methods. He is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and has a PhD in exercise psychophysiology.

Lecturer in Psychology

Dr Clarke's area of expertise is in performance under pressure and the psychological predictors and mechanisms that are associated, specifically for 'choking' and 'the yips' within sport.

Technician of Biomedical and Forensic Science

As a laboratory technician, Martin's role is primarily focused on delivering practical classes for all levels of learning at the university, as well as supervising and assisting lab-based projects. He is mainly involved in chemistry-based procedures for the Forensics, Biomedical science, and Human Biology courses, though he also engages in molecular biology labs and fieldwork as well.

Andrew Cowen
Senior Lecturer in Sport

As a Senior Lecturer in Sport at the University of Derby, Dr Andrew Cowen teaches across a range of sport and exercise-related programmes. He is also the level 5 lead for the sport programmes at the university.

Dr Esther Crooks in the analytical chemistry laboratory
Lecturer in Forensic Chemistry

Esther is a lecturer in Forensic Chemistry and teaches Analytical and Forensic Chemistry on the Forensic Science undergraduate programmes. She also teaches Chemistry at the Foundation level and supervises third-year students interested in analytical techniques during their final-year projects.

Samantha Drake
Senior Lecturer in Forensic Chemistry

Based in the discipline of Biomedical and Forensic Science, Samantha teaches chemistry across most programmes within the College of Life and Natural Sciences. A passionate educator, Samantha is the Learning and Teaching Lead for the discipline. Her scientific research focuses on the application of analytical chemistry to real world challenges.

Aparna Duggirala
Lecturer in Clinical Genetics

Aparna Duggirala is a Lecturer in Clinical Genetics at the University of Derby. She is a molecular geneticist with a strong background in cell and molecular biology. She performs biomarker discovery and teaches undergraduate and postgraduate students on human metabolic diseases.

Mark Faghy smiling
Associate Professor in Respiratory Physiology

Mark is a Senior Lecturer in Exercise Physiology in the School of Human Sciences and an active researcher in the Human Science Research Centre.