Staff profile

Martin Corcoran

Technician of Biomedical and Forensic Science


Biomedical Science and Human Biology, Forensic Science


College of Science and Engineering


School of Environmental Sciences, School of Human Sciences


Kedleston Road, Derby Campus



As a technician, my primary role is in preparing and helping to deliver laboratory based learning sessions and student research projects. Myself and the other techncians ensure that all materials necessary are prepared for each class, demonstrate the essential techniques, and support students through their lab sessions. I am also responsible for a variety of specialist scientific instrumentation, and train students in the use of such equipment. 

Teaching responsibilities

I demonstrate, instruct and assist in the execution of independent research projects on the forensics, environmental and biomedical courses. In particular, my focus in such sessions is showing students proper execution of fundamental techniques and use of specialist scientific equipment (e.g. ion chromatography or HPLC). 

Membership of professional bodies