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Providing flexible data governance training for an entrepreneur

Nadia Saleh is a business coach, author, blogger, and mother to three children. While establishing her new consultancy business, Skills Repeat, she attended our STEM data governance workshops, which opened her eyes to the business opportunities that data can bring.

Finding time for learning

It’s fair to say that Nadia Saleh is busy. So far during 2022, she’s written her second book — A Practical Guide to Ethics and Leadership — worked on her new business, Skills Repeat (including writing blogs), and been raising her three children, one of whom is a baby. Somehow, Nadia has also found time to join our STEM programme and learn more about data governance.

Nadia explains how this came about: "I met Julia [STEM Project Manager] at the Planning for Growth business event at the University of Derby, and she kindly told me about the data training."

“I had only considered data in the context of GDPR; I hadn’t thought about how data management could improve my business offering too. The workshops made me see data as more of an opportunity rather than a restriction. I also learned more about data analysis and the online communities that I could learn from.”

Nadia found the University teams welcoming and flexible, as she explains here:

“I attended my first University small business event with my baby and was not treated any differently to anyone else. I was shown around the campus with my buggy, including where I could access facilities. Julia also ensured that I had dates in advance for classes and made sure the timings would fit into my schedule. Being able to access learning online, being able to collect children from school and then re-join, notes being provided to me before and after sessions: all of this was really helpful too.”

Entrepreneur Nadia Saleh talks to someone at a business event

Open for business

Having put the launch of Skills Repeat on hold for a few months to complete her book and raise her family, Nadia is now seeking business clients.

Skills Repeat offers business confidence coaching to female C-Suite/Director level professionals. Nadia aims to understand their current business goals and help them develop better, corporate structures that drive improvement and efficiency. She’s particularly interested in working with first-generation directors.

Her service offering ranges from a two-week review of existing working practices and a written report, all the way up to six months of one-to-one support, for which she will work with just one client at a time.

Head and shoulders shot of Nadia Saleh

As well as a range of courses, the University also has people to speak to, to help manage the challenges. I know I will always be accommodated there.

Nadia Saleh
Entrepreneur and author

Pursuing other passions

Nadia is also planning to continue writing, blogging and learning: “I’ve started on my third book (second business book) so I’m hoping that will be completed within six months. I have also got another fiction book in draft that may take a year from now. I would also like the flexibility to keep writing and engaging online as I find the networking opportunities open my mind so much more.

“I’m a continuous learner, so having access to courses that the University of Derby provide will be brilliant to keep up my CPD. I hope to join the Smart and Inclusive Leadership course in future. As well as a range of courses, the University also has people to speak to, to help manage the challenges. I know I will always be accommodated there.”

About the STEM programme

The STEM project is part-funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) and part-funded by the University of Derby meaning there is no cost to the participant. If you are interested in participating in the STEM data skills development and training programme or want to discuss working in partnership with us, please contact

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