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Empowering career transitions: a reskill and recover success story

Leah Barratt is an 18-year-old business administration professional at TDP a family-owned company based in Wirksworth, which makes garden furniture from recycled plastic. Leah embarked on a transformative journey with the Reskill and Recover courses which contributed to both her personal and business growth. 

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TDP is a family-owned company based in Wirksworth, which designs and manufactures sustainable, environmentally friendly furniture using recycled plastic waste. The furniture they offer is not only sustainable but also durable and promotes ease of maintenance. In 2021 TDP celebrated their 30th anniversary and two years later, in 2023 TDP won the King's Award for Enterprise

Journey from apprentice to marketing enthusiast with Reskill and Recover 

Leah Barratt, currently the business admin apprentice at TDP, is gearing up to commence her professional journey. With guidance from Kym Barlow, alumni of the Help to Grow programme, Leah expressed a strong interest in pursuing a career in marketing. Recognising her aspirations, Kym provided support and recommended that Leah enrol in the Reskill and Recover courses to enhance her skill set. 

“I conducted my own research and found emails highlighting the Reskill and Recover courses. After discussing my interest with Kym, she supported my decision to enrol in the courses. This opportunity allowed me to approach the business with a marketing perspective, facilitating the development of valuable skills. The courses significantly boosted my confidence, both personally and in the professional realm."

An image of Leah Barratt from TDP standing outside

The courses were really interactive and being able to ask questions has been really helpful. The group felt like a safe place to discuss and ask questions resulting in my confidence being boosted.

Leah Barratt
Business Admin Apprentice, TDP

Dynamic learning and building confidence

Leah highlighted the interactive and engaging nature of the digital marketing, LinkedIn masterclass and writing for business courses. The virtual learning environment facilitated open communication, allowing participants to voice opinions and ask questions seamlessly. Leah emphasised the importance of this interaction, stating that it significantly contributed to her learning experience.

Leah's short-term goals revolved around gaining creative ideas and boosting her confidence. The courses not only met but exceeded these expectations. Leah immediately applied her newfound knowledge to contribute to TDP's 2024 marketing plan showcasing the immediate applicability of the acquired skills. The impact was evident as she seamlessly integrated concepts from the writing for business and digital marketing courses into practical strategies. 

Two members of the the TDP team standing in front of the CNC machine

Building professional growth and strategic impact

Leah's transformative journey through the Reskill and Recover courses exemplifies the remarkable impact of continuous learning. The courses not only enriched her with valuable marketing insights but also empowered her to play a pivotal role in shaping TDP's strategic initiatives. 

The Reskill and Recover courses highlight the profound value of personalised and interactive learning experiences in not only advancing individual professional growth but also fostering positive contributions to the organisations they serve.

“Being new and having an interest in marketing, I wanted to get more involved with sending emails, the back end of the webpage and being creative. The digital marketing and writing for business courses were perfect for this. I’d definitely recommend the programme!”

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