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Aramide Odele's inspiring journey: building a thriving home care business

Aramide Odele, the managing director of Caremark Chesterfield and Bolsover discusses her experiences and insights of the support she received from the University. 

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Caremark Chesterfield and Bolsover provide a wide range of homecare services, including live-in care to occasional assistance with personal care. They are also available for respite care and assistance with daily tasks.

“Our mission is simple; to provide excellent home care to everyone regardless of their age, their race, their religion, their gender or social standing."

Aramide's journey into the world of healthcare and her association with the University of Derby's funded programmes provided valuable lessons for her as an aspiring entrepreneur and individual seeking to make a difference in the care industry.

Delivering inclusive excellence in home care services

Aramide Odele's business, Caremark Chesterfield and Bolsover, operates in the home care sector with a mission to provide excellent home care services to individuals irrespective of their age, race, religion, gender, or social standing. Caremark Chesterfield and Bolsover follows a service philosophy summarised as R.A.T.E.D, which stands for rising to the challenge, always putting customers first, trusting in mental and physical stimulation, empowering independence, and doing the right thing in the right way.

As the managing director of Caremark Chesterfield and Bolsover, Aramide's role involves overseeing the operations and collaborating closely with the Care Manager to ensure the provision of high-quality care services.

Transitioning to success, Aramide's journey with the University support programmes

Aramide found out about the European Social Funded programmes through a connection she made while attending a program called 'ScaleUp 360.' The recommendation led her to explore the support and programmes offered by the University.

Aramide's decision to engage with the University of Derby's support programmes was primarily driven by her desire to understand and navigate the healthcare system in the UK. Having recently relocated from the United States, she wanted to familiarise herself with the UK's healthcare practices and standards. She recognised that to provide high-quality care, she needed to comprehend the nuances of the UK's healthcare system and regulations. Her motivation stemmed from a commitment to learning and ensuring her team could deliver the best possible care to their clients.

Empowering growth with SAIL and Reskill and Recover

Aramide enthusiastically enrolled in SAIL and Reskill and Recover offered by the University of Derby. These programmes covered such as GDPR, confidentiality, competitor research, leadership, coaching, mentoring, recruitment, and marketing. She highlighted the distinction between being a coach and a mentor as a valuable insight gained from these programmes.

Transforming leadership and business success

Aramide noted that the programmes she attended had a significant impact on her business and her day-to-day leadership. The knowledge she gained allowed her to better manage her team and enhance communication during team meetings. She emphasised the importance of being a continuous learner and the value of feedback in improving the business.

She mentioned that she learned how to recruit the right people, understand the competitive landscape, and market her business effectively. These insights helped her business succeed and differentiate it in a highly competitive market.

Headshot of Aramide Odele, Owner of Caremark Chesterfield and Bolsover

To be able to understand that being a coach and being a mentor are two different things was a significant realisation. I kept asking questions during the course because I had no clue they were different. I go back through my notes everyday and use this knowledge to impact my team.

Aramide Odele
Managing Director

Short and long-term vision for Caremark Chesterfield and Bolsover

In the short term, Aramide is focused on public relations, marketing and engaging with local authorities to promote her business. She expressed her commitment to serving the community, especially the elderly and ensuring that her business is recognised for delivering excellent care services.

For the long term, her vision is to expand and serve more clients in Chesterfield and its environs. She hopes to become a well-known home care provider in the region and continue to provide high-quality care to those in need.

Aramide also shared that she has influenced her Care Manager to enrol on the Reskill and Recover courses, emphasising the positive impact of her own experiences and learnings.

Aramide Odele's journey as the managing director of Caremark Chesterfield and Bolsover showcases the importance of continuous learning and adapting to the healthcare industry's evolving landscape. Her association with the funded programmes has empowered her to build a successful home care business while maintaining a strong commitment to excellence and community service. Her dedication to understanding and implementing best practices in the healthcare sector exemplifies a model of leadership and business success. 

About the Reskill and Recover and SAIL programmes

Find out more about how the SAIL programme and Reskill and Recover programme impacted participants and how they experienced great success due to the practical skills they were taught.

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