Innovation Workshops

Innovation Workshops

AI & Chat GPT - A Beginners Guide

Thursday 23 May 10.00am - 12.00 noon 

Location: Online (via Microsoft Teams)

Generative AI is a rapidly growing field that has the potential to revolutionise many industries. The uses range from increased productivity, improved customer experience and the generation of new business opportunities. Already businesses are using generative AI to create content, enhance customer service, for marketing campaigns and in product design. This workshop is designed for leaders who want to learn more about generative AI and Chat GPT and how it can be used to improve their practice or business. No prior experience is required. 

Coming in 2024

More information on the following workshops will be provided soon, including dates, times and locations.

Digital Marketing Workshop

There are lots of channels or touchpoints through which you interact with your customers. Today more than ever, digital channels are becoming an increasingly important part of how you interact with customers and deliver value. In this course aimed at those with a beginner/intermediate digital marketing skillset, you will learn about some key tools and techniques that can help you reach your customers online.

Practical Leadership for an Innovative Workplace

In a new era of leadership with increasingly competitive agendas - where do you expend your time and resources to support the creation of an innovative workplace and environment? Retaining top talent and building resilience are two top challenges organisations face today. When employees leave, they take invaluable perspectives and organisational knowledge with them, leaving the organisation with the likely high cost of recruitment. New-era business challenges call for building resilience in leaders and their employees.

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