Capital Grants

Capital Grants

The University of Derby will offer Capital Grants for Research and Development including for decarbonisation activities. Examples of how the grants could be used include

To be eligible to apply, companies must meet all the following criteria

All projects will be required to demonstrate that funding support will help them achieve


To ensure innovation and genuine vision for the future are supported, the parameters of the capital grants strand are designed to encourage solutions beyond the mainstream of current thinking. Priority will be given to proposals that demonstrate truly innovative propositions.

It is anticipated that the fund will be oversubscribed, so projects will be prioritised and assessed against the following criteria:

Funding streams

  1. R&D capital grants: subject to public subsidy control rules, funding could be available for up to £20,000 per project. Up to 40% grant intervention rate (a higher-level intervention rate could be considered if an applicant demonstrates innovative proposals delivering high level outcomes).
  2. Decarbonisation small grants: subject to public subsidy control rules, up to 40% grant intervention rate (eligible costs).

Capital costs including

All project costs must be exclusive of VAT where applicable.

Ineligible costs

The programme does not support


You cannot start your project before you apply to the programme. An in-principle offer must be issued before work or expenditure on your project can begin.

It is expected that the capital grant funds will be available on an open application basis rather than through application rounds. There is limited funding available for these grants so potential applicants are encouraged to submit their proposals as soon as possible.

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