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Millicent Bellenie joined The Resolute Group after deciding to pursue a career in marketing. Being new to the profession, Millicent knew the Enscite programme would offer her the support she needed to confidently move forwards in her new role.

The Resolute Group is a management consultancy specialising in recruitment programmes both in the UK and internationally. The company’s areas of expertise include mass mobilisation, succession planning, business critical transformation, turnaround, and senior appointments. The Resolute Group operates across multiple sectors such as transportation, infrastructure, civil engineering, digital/BIM and the built environment.

Millicent Bellenie (affectionately known as Millie) joined the company after deciding to pursue a career in marketing. Having previously studied commercial photography, she found her skills aligned well with the profession and was keen to gain experience.

Millie discovered the Enscite programme after hearing about it at a previous workplace. “As a recently qualified graduate I was keen to develop my knowledge of business, so a colleague recommended I sign up. I absolutely loved the sessions because I learned so much, and after moving to the Resolute Group, it was agreed that I should continue to participate in the programme.” 

A workshop series for early career professionals

Enscite’s Growing Tomorrows Leaders workshop series was particularly appealing to Millie. The sessions are aimed at graduates and professionals in the early stages of their career, helping participants to learn fundamental business tools and techniques, whilst developing a network of contacts. So far Millie has participated in workshops to help with social media, product development, sustainability, risk management, copywriting and content creation and uses her learning daily.

“The LinkedIn workshop was brilliant. I have learned the type of content I should post, how to optimise my profile, and how to drive traffic to our account. I also discovered how to use the analytics and reporting capabilities. Now when I post content, if it doesn’t gain the reach I’d hoped for, I use the analytics tools to help me understand why. I then update the post and the engagement usually increases. Since the training we’ve gained more followers, gained more candidate applications, and received a larger response rate on postings, all of which have helped raise our brand awareness. Chrissie our tutor was really helpful, she even forwarded additional resources to help with a question I’d asked following on from the session.”

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The LinkedIn workshop was brilliant. Since the training we’ve gained more followers, gained more candidate applications, and received a larger response rate on postings, all of which have helped raise our brand awareness. I would 100% recommend Enscite.

Millie Bellenie
Marketing Assistant, Resolute Group

The sustainability workshop not only raised Millie’s awareness of how important this subject is for businesses, but it also provided content for a new social media campaign. “Our company joined in with ‘Plastic Free’ July month which aimed to raise awareness of how we can all reduce our plastic consumption. I posted daily content on LinkedIn, showing what our organisation was doing to become more sustainable. The campaign resulted in an increased number of likes and impressions on our account.”  

The content creation and copywriting session provided further practical techniques. Not only has it given Millie tools to improve her copywriting, but she also learned what type of content to create which inspired Millie to produce an industry relevant article entitled “The Resolute Group’s guide to helping students get on the career ladder”

The workshop includes instructions on how to use software programmes for customer relationship management, graphic design and email marketing, something Millie is keen to dive into. Another area she was keen to learn about was product development.

“The workshop was really useful even though I work for a service-based company, because I learned how to connect with an audience through developing a ‘customer persona’. I now understand how to create services that meet our customers’ needs and this translates into our marketing content.”

Risk management (mitigation/balance) is another area Millie gained an insight into, and she’s as keen as ever to put her learning into practice. “I’m developing a template that we’re going to use each time we start a new project. It’ll help us consider any risks before we start the project so that we can decide how to minimise the chance of these happening and create a plan for it if they do happen.”

Building confidence as well as new connections

Millie is clearly a determined and conscientious young professional and her thirst for knowledge will undoubtedly take her far. But perhaps the biggest benefit she has experienced from taking part in the workshops has been her personal growth. “My confidence has massively improved since taking part in the Enscite programme. With a background in commercial photography, I understood marketing, but I didn’t have the confidence to talk about my ideas with senior colleagues who are all much more experienced than me. The workshops gave me the opportunity to talk to a group of professionals so that I could voice my opinion. It’s not only developed my confidence in sharing my ideas, but it’s also helped me to make new connections who I have been happy to talk to, sharing information on our organisation and what we do.”

Millie has thoroughly enjoyed the programme and hopes other young professionals will benefit from the experience. “I would 100 per cent recommend Enscite. If you are looking to develop your knowledge of marketing, product development, accounting, or any other area of business, then the programme is invaluable. Even if it doesn’t align with your current job role, the tools and techniques you will learn will help you develop an understanding of the functions within your workplace and your business overall.”

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