Investment in new equipment to support increased capacity and business expansion. is a family-owned business based in Nottinghamshire which designs, manufactures and supplies structures, sets and rigging to the broadcasting and media events industry. It has traditionally incorporated a focus within the live sports sector, but also has expertise covering royal events and family entertainment.  

Why engage with Invest to Grow?

Having adapted to the difficult and rapidly changing marketplace during the Covid-19 pandemic, identified potential growth opportunities at the outset of 2022 regarding additional contracts, customers and market share.  To access these opportunities the business needed to increase its capacity and therefore required investment in its staff and equipment.

The need for additional equipment to deliver its services was particularly critical for, whereby the post-pandemic events industry suffered from a shortage of available equipment. This created a barrier whereby faced uncertainty regarding its ability to obtain equipment and as a result had declined contract opportunities.  The business’ ability to access the increasing post-pandemic opportunities was therefore constrained by a lack of capacity.  As a result, successfully applied for a £15,000 grant from Invest to Grow in January 2022 to purchase additional equipment, specifically chain hoist motors and motor cases.

What has been the impact of Invest to Grow?

The investment in new equipment in spring 2022 meant an immediate increase in’s capacity.  This, together with the associated certainty of its equipment availability, led to a significant increase in sales, turnover and employee numbers.  Helen Cope, Director of, commented:

“The investment in new equipment with the support of Invest to Grow has enabled us to take on more business and access new opportunities arising after the pandemic. Following turnover of £3.1m in 2021, we now expect to achieve £3.8m in 2022 against an original budget of £3.2m. We have also increased our employee numbers from 33 to 38.”

Camera and hoist

The new equipment has not only led to additional capacity and sales, but also a wider range of customers and an associated increase in market share for  This has included overcoming a previous barrier regarding undertaking work in Europe, whereby the new motors are D8 and therefore meet specific European double-braking requirements.  Helen Cope commented:

“It has helped us to focus more on key clients as well as new clients, including expanding from sports tv towards additional entertainment tv, where there are lots of potential opportunities. Previously we had been reticent to go for those opportunities due to our capacity. So we are now exploring more revenue streams and opportunities.”

The funding from Invest to Grow was key to investing in its new equipment and enabling its subsequent growth. In particular, it helped to de-risk the investment and provided the business with additional security and confidence in doing so.  Helen Cope explained that the actual process of applying for funding was central to this:

“The Invest to Grow application process, which was not onerous, really helped us to stand back and look at our business and the direction we wanted it to take.  It assisted us regarding what to specifically invest in and what the impact of that would be.  This gave us more confidence to proceed.”

A further benefit of the project was the added confidence it created within both the team and its clients as a result of working with high quality, bespoke and branded equipment.  This demonstrated that the business is investing in its staff and equipment and created a feel-good factor around the company.

Since engaging with Invest to Grow and through the positive experience associated with it, reported it has a greater awareness of the potential for working with the University of Derby and has recently taken on a graduate in a full-time post. 

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