Psychological wellbeing

Exploring peoples fears, pressures and behaviours

Our psychology researchers are spearheading important studies into fears, pressures and behaviours, which can act as obstacles to emotional health and quality of life and devising strategies to help people overcome them. 

These research interests centre on, for example, tackling maths anxiety where research has shown that children as young as four experience worrisome thoughts about working with numbers. We focus on raising awareness of the role played by negative emotions in eating disorders, binge eating and obesity. We also apply concepts from compassionate mind training to counteract stress and burn-out in settings such as schools.

The in-depth knowledge we have developed in these - and many other critical areas - has shaped a broad portfolio of services designed to help people improve their psychological wellbeing and reach their full potential. It has also contributed to the development of our acclaimed MSc Health Psychology, accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS).

A lady talking to a client in an clasroom setting

Our expertise 

The University is home to innovative and internationally recognised research projects led by a dynamic team of Chartered Psychologists, for example:

Psychological Wellbeing Services

Our expertise are harnessed by many different client groups to help transform their thinking about psychological wellbeing. We deliver workshops, training, consultancy and project evaluation services to schools, universities, public sector organisations, businesses and the general public. 

Among the many opportunities are: