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Due to the outbreak of Covid-19, workshops have been reworked from face to face workshops to an online delivery format across July. 

Thematic Analysis Workshop 

This interactive workshop is ideal for students, staff and industry researchers across all levels, with the aim to support those who wish to conduct postgraduate and PhD level research.

We will be using Microsoft Teams and participants will join us at the times listed below. 

Course Content:

What is thematic analysis?

Thematic analysis is a qualitative research method that is used to identify patterns within data. It can be used in a variety of ways to both describe and interpret findings.

Aims, objectives and learning outcomes


Session 1: A narrated lecture/slide presentation provides you with a brief introduction to some of the underpinning theoretical background related to Thematic Analysis. This is free when you purchase session 2 or 3.

Session 2: In this session, we discuss the application of theory to analysing qualitative data. We provide delegates with a pre-reading activity and then come together online in a discussion format via Microsoft teams to host an interactive session discussing interpretation in qualitative research and tips for ‘moving beyond description’. This session will allow delegates to be able to position Thematic Analysis epistemologically for academic purposes.

Session 3: We provide pre-reading of a data set to review and a set of slides to support the discussion. We present a live session (Microsoft Teams) to discuss the stages of analysis and work to conduct a Thematic Analysis on the given data set.

Session 4: (Available to be purchased separately if you have attended session 2 or 3). We host a group discussion and Q&A session based on reflections on sessions 2 or 3.

What happens when you book a place?

You will receive a confirmation email confirming that payment has been taken.
Shortly thereafter, the event organisers will be in touch with the relevant login details. Remember session 1 (narrated slide show) is included in any purchase of session 2 or 3 - this will be sent over to your email address by the event organisers.

The sessions available are:

Session 2: Tuesday 14 July 10:00-12:30

Session 3: Tuesday 14 July 13:30-16:00

Session 4: Wednesday 15 July 14:00-15:00


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