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Dr Frances Maratos

Reader in Emotion Science


College of Life and Natural Sciences


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Human Sciences Research Centre


Kedleston Road, Derby Campus



I pursued both my undergraduate degree (Psychology) and PhD (Cognitive Neuroscience) at Aston University, Birmingham, before moving to the University of Southampton as a post-doctoral research fellow (Centre for the Study of Emotion and Motivation). I joined the Psychology team at Derby in October 2006 (seeking fame and fortune!) and have been here ever since, in various roles from UCP Programme Leader to Chair of the Psychology Research Ethics Committee.

Teaching responsibilities


Professional interests

PhD Completions

Lauren Kelly

PhD Title: Investigations of the Relationship between Affect and Attentional Biases in Children

Awarded Spring 2014


Kornanong Yuenyongchaiwat

PhD Title:Do cardiovascular responses to mental stress tests predict blood pressure?

Awarded Summer 2013


Kirsten McEwan
PhD Title: Non-conscious processing: Threat, Safeness, Self-esteem and compassionate Mind Games
Awarded Spring 2012

Current PhD Students

PhD Director of Studies for:

Jayne Trovati

PhD Title:Investigations of the relationship between attentional bias, affect and disordered eating in children.

Completion Expected: Autumn 2018


PhD Second Supervisor for:
Mimi Said
PhD Title:The psychology of painkiller use in the general population: A comparison between the UK & Egypt
Completion Expected: Summer 2017


PhD Second Supervisor for:

Julia Wahl

PhD Title: Compassion based interventions (training) with later stage cancer patients

Completion Expected: Summer 2017


PhD Second Supervisor for:

Ann Kirkman

PhD Title: The relationship between pain and optimisim, utilising implicit and explicit measures 

Completion Expected: Autumn 2018


PhD Second Supervisor for:

Alistair Turville

PhD Title: Long-term impact of Pain Management Programs on health Related Quality of Life  

Completion Expected: Autumnn 2020


Internship Supervisor for:

Daniel Gaffiero, University of Derby
Summer 2016

Kar-Man Chu, University of Birmingham
September 2015 - August 2016

Gabrielle Leciester, University of Derby
Summer 2014

Joana Duarte, University of Coimbra
1 February 2010 - 31 July 2010

Research interests

My main research interests include:

  1. Emotion processing including well-being, compassion and attentional biases
  2. Visual attention and a wide range of associated psychological phenomena (e.g. memory, phobias & development)

To aid the comprehensive and robust investigation of research in these (related) fields I have chosen to adopt an integrative approach, and regularly use a wide variety of experimental methods to pursue research questions. These include psychophysiological methods (measures of reaction time and eye tracking), behavioural methods (e.g. questionnaire measures and performance accuracy measures), physiological measues (e.g. stress hormones, blood pressure and heart-rate variability) and neuroimaging methods (measures of MEG, EEG and fMRI).

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Recent conferences

Recent Invited Talks

•             Evaluation of a compassionate mind training intervention with teachers to improve well-being

Mental Health UK, London 2017

•             What drives the prioritisation of threatening information?

International Conference on Emotion & Cognition, University of Allahabad, December 2015

•             Using self-compassion and/or touch to aid general well-being and cooping: Implications for physical health care 

4th International Conference of the Compassionate Mind Foundation, October 2015

•             Self-compassion: Is it useful in emotion regulation, coping or when considering general well-being?

University of Sheffield, October 2014

•             Quick, Dirty & All Consuming ...Emotion Processing

University of Leicester, March 2013


Recent Conference Presentations

•             Quick, Dirty & All Consuming: The prioritisation of angry faces across domains of attention and memory

BPS Cognitive Section, Nottingham-Trent University, September 2014

•             Does compassionate imagery increase physiological and behavioural indices of threat in high self-critics?

1st International Mindfulness Conference, University of Sapienza, Rome. May 2013.

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* = Corresponding Author

Blog Posts

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