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Graham Mulholland “We are immersed in all sorts of events and mentoring” Graham Mulholland

Graham Mulholland is MD of epm: technology group, a composite manufacturer for Formula One and high performance vehicles.

In 20 years, my company, epm: technology, has become a high performance engineering group making world-class components for businesse ranging from Formula One to aerospace.

But I was constantly scratching my head when it came to finding talent to take our company forward. I told four universities that I needed fresh blood with bright and agile minds to fire us up – and, to their credit, Derby listened.

As a result, I have thrown myself into the relationship with the College and it has proved to be a case of winning with winners.

Supporting the next generation of business leaders

We are now immersed in all sorts of events, host teams and mentoring. For example, the College’s Business Society has visited recently and we were happy to show how a company really works.

We judge competitions and I send our team to deliver seminars because it helps the students but also means my team are improving their communication skills.

Our relationship means that we have shared stages with the likes of Mel Morris and we have an open line of communication to the University.

Mentoring is important for any business student and I was delighted to be paired up with Ed Hollands who is now the managing director of his own company. He has a great idea and he took the advice I offered as someone who has gone through tough times.

I have been so impressed by him that I have invested in his company and am delighted to see him doing so well. I want him to enjoy the ride!

Now I am mentoring another student, George Wright, and we offer him the full scope of our experience within epm. We have taught him how to win people over at networking events and he has been right next to me at key meetings with important clients.

It is my aim that he should be fully prepared for the world of work and, in return, he offers his best to us.

I believe the doors of the College of Business, Law and Social Sciences are open to us and that its staff are keen for their students to enjoy a real world experience to combine with academic studies.

The College has the positive attitude of many of us in Derby of ‘what do you want and when do you want it?’ It’s in our DNA. This means its relationship with us and other key companies and individuals is bound to flourish, grow and develop.