Category: Health

Four nurses in the University's mock hospital ward

PVC Dean of the College of Health and Social Care at the Unviersity of Derby Dr Paula Holt gives her assessment of the nursing training and employment landscape

Compassion in the classroom - can it solve the teacher mental health crisis?

What can be done to improve recruitment and retention of school teachers? We look at work being done at the University of Derby to bring compassion to the classroom. 

Sea and beach setting and blue sky

University of Derby graduate Crystal Fletcher discusses the role of fathers and examines the stereotype of the 'doofus dad'.

Person with a hat and yellow flower

Simona Velcovska offers her top tips to mental health self-care while you enjoy your university journey.

Empty open road with blue cloudy skies

Neuro-linguistic programming is widely practised but has yet to achieve mainstream recognition. Our Counselling Academic Lead, Yasuhiro Kotera, asks why.

a model of a brain

What can we do to help our own wellbeing? Dr William Van Gordon, Associate Professor of Contemplative Psychology at the University of Derby Online, discusses what contemplative psychology is and how we can apply it in our everyday lives.

Group walking and hiking through bushes

Miles Richardson, Professor of Human Factors and Nature Connectedness, looks at the importance of building a new relationship with the natural world.

Student nurses posing

Dr Paula Holt, Pro Vice-Chancellor Dean of Health and Social Care at the University of Derby, discusses the shortage of nurses in the UK.

Measuring a body with tape

Joanna Baker, Therapist and Psychoeducation Coordinator at the University of Derby, explains how our thoughts and feelings on body image can affect us.

Salad wraps and cherry tomatoes in a plastic lunchbox.

Jessica Jackson discusses her study into ways to help parents improve the healthiness of their children's packed lunches.