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Victoria Rosamond, Lecturer in Tourism and Spa at the University of Derby, shares her top tips for those who want to get ahead in the spa industry.

Jennifer Wilson takes us through the complexity of the seemingly simple task of running and gives us some advice on honing our running style.

Person smiling

Is laughter the best medicine? Freda Gonot-Schoupinsky at the University of Derby, is exploring the power of laughing in improving older people's wellbeing.

Student nurses talking to each other

How different is it from being a student nurse to a registered nurse in practice? Dr Bill Whitehead at the University of Derby explains the transition.

The University of Derby is supporting veterans as they transition to life after the Armed Forces, from establishing new careers to promoting mental health.

strands of DNA

Genetic haemochromatosis is thought to affect 1 in 200 people in the UK. But despite this, most people have never heard of the condition. Gerri Mortimore, Lecturer in Post-registration Health Care at the University of Derby, looks at the health implications of this disorder.

a stack of syringes

Dr Elizabeth Marsh, Lecturer in Cellular and Molecular Biology at the University of Derby, explains why allowing boys to have the HPV jab is long overdue.

Nurses smiling

Michelle Brown, Deputy Head of Department for Healthcare Practice at the University of Derby, reflects the challenges and achievements of the NHS.

a radiography nurse with an x-ray machine

Denise Baker, Head of School for Allied Health and Social Care at the University of Derby, explores what the future for the NHS looks like.

An eye looking towards the camera

Dr Gulcan Garip, Health Psychologist at the University of Derby Online Learning, is researching how people cope with Retinitis Pigmentosa and what this means for their vision-related quality of life.