Category: Health

Three University of Derby medical students look to camera

Dr Paula Holt, PVC Dean of the College of Health and Social Care at the University of Derby, highlights the contribution of universities to the fight against Covid-19.

An x-ray of a human chest

As many people recover from Covid-19's attack on the respiratory system, Dr Mark Faghy discusses work being done to help people fully regain their health after recovery.

A small child looking out of a window

Professor Frances Maratos, Associate Professor of Emotion Science at the University of Derby, offers suggestions on how to help children manage their worries about COVID-19 and self isolation.

An empty trolley in a supermarket aisle.

Ewen Crilley, Head of Discipline for Culinary Arts and Food Development at the University of Derby, reviews the changes in our habits and behaviours towards food and eating during the Covid-19 lockdown.

A woman laying in a hospital bed with her hands folded over her stomach

Denise Baker, Head of the School of Allied Health and Social Care at the University of Derby, discusses how the compassion and courage of the NHS, combined with acts of kindness from society towards the workforce, is helping the country to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

A Robbin sitting on a Cherry Blossom twig

Professor Miles Richardson explains the benefit of noticing nature while our mental wellbeing is challenged by the impact of coronavirus.

A long exposure shot of dancers on a stage

Dave Home provides insights on how his movement practices enrich lives by focusing on mindfulness and the development of the therapeutic relationship.

Top down of a desk with a coffee and a laptop with somebody typing

A detailed account of a disabled mature student's experience of starting university.

Scrabble tiles on a red background spelling out the word plan

Dr William Van Gordon, Associate Professor at the University of Derby looks at why psychological wellbeing should be included in Coronavirus Action Plan.

Student nurse sitting at a table

Dr Elizabeth Collier, Senior Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing, explains what it means to be a mental health nurse ahead of Mental Health Nursing Day.