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Research Nurse Jessica Jackson, the lead author of Public Health England’s ‘Understanding and addressing inequalities in physical activity’ report (March 2021) explains in this blog why, as we begin to emerge from lockdown, we urgently need to address its negative impact on the health and wellbeing for those at the greatest risk.

children's hands and feet in a team circle

Dr Caroline Harvey and Dr Frances Maratos explore the impact of the pandemic on group working.

Person holding an old fashioned alarm clock in their hand in which small jigsaw pieces are flying from.

Dr William Van Gordon, Associate Professor of Contemplative Psychology, University of Derby looks at the concept of ‘time blindness’, whereby a person’s perception of time becomes distorted due to prolonged periods of lockdown – and discusses some strategies for reducing the impact.

Crying newborn baby being held by a midwife

The Covid-19 pandemic is, without exception, impacting on health care services beyond any expectations. Jayne Leverton, our Lead Midwife for Education and Senior Lecturer, looks at the effect the pandemic has had on maternity services and how midwives have adapted.

While the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic is affecting the psychological health of people working in a wide range of professions, some worker groups have been identified as being particularly at risk of burnout and mental health problems at this time.

A man sitting at a table clutching an empty bottle of spirits with his head resting on his arm. There is a half full tumbler of whiskey in front of him

Here, Dr Paula Holt MBE, Pro Vice-Chancellor Dean of the College of Health, Psychology and Social Care at the University of Derby and ex-British Army officer, discusses why a growing number of veterans are coming forward to deal with alcohol misuse after many years of struggling to ask for the help they need.

A student nurse in a medicine cabinet

Denise Baker, Head of Pre-Qualifying Healthcare at the University of Derby, discusses Jeremy Hunt's announcement to increase trainee nursing places.

Fujifilm Advanced Visionary X-ray suite in the Clinical Skills Suite at the University of Derby

Emma Hyde, Head of Diagnostic Imaging at the University of Derby, reflects on winning the prestigious National Teaching Fellowship award and shares her passion for both her subject and teaching.

Choir singing in Atrium

Dr Yoon Irons, Research Fellow at the University of Derby, discusses a new MARCH Network funded research project called Mental Health Inclusive Choirs, which is exploring singing, group leadership and mental health.

Diagnostic Radiographer looking at X-ray of a jaw on computer screen

Emma Hyde, Head of Diagnostic Imaging at the University of Derby and National Teaching Fellow, marks Allied Health Professionals Day by discussing the importance of celebrating the contribution of the NHS’s second largest workforce, and how the pandemic has prompted a rethinking of the way in which education is delivered.