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Simon Peter Nadeem at the University of Derby discusses the Omni channel as a new method of doing the same old business.

Statues to combat modern slavery

More needs to be done to address modern slavery in supply chain, says Maria Adebola Adeseun, a doctoral student at the University of Derby.

Plane landing at sunset

Simon Peter Nadeem at University of Derby discusses the latest advances in technology which are changing the face of logistics and supply chain management

Innovation logistics supply and chain

Maria Adebola Adeseun from the University of Derby talks about innovation and technology in logistics and supply chain.

Ed holland driven media and van

University of Derby business graduate, Ed Hollands shares his top tips on being a successful entrepreneur.

Ed holland driven media and van

Ed Hollands, University of Derby graduate and owner of DrivenMedia, has been successful on Dragons Den and explains how his degree helped achieve this.

Scrabble letters learn

Jane Lowe, Head of Apprenticeships at the University of Derby discusses what businesses still need to know about the apprenticeship levy almost a year on.

Sign for downing street

Melanie Powell and Eugene Michaels, Economics and Finance Division at the University of Derby, give their view on the Chancellor's Autumn Budget 2017.

Calculator calculating on a piece of paper and a pen

Abdulkader Nahhas and Doyin Babajide, Lecturers In Economics at the University of Derby, round-up how the Autumn Budget could affect businesses.

Blurred colourful lights

Dr Charles Hancock talks about talks about the pinnacle and golden benchmark for Christmas adverts being John Lewis including how this years' ad compares.