Blog: Business


Maria Adeseun, a Doctoral student in Logistics and Supply Chain at the University of Derby, explores the benefit of technological innovation to industry.

CMI Awards presentation

Business Management student, Danielle Keeling, takes us through her experience of volunteering for and influencing the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

Glasses overlooking paper

Cecilia Terral explains where her postgraduate degree has taken her and how it will help her to take on the world of business.

Person looking at a computer screen showing stocks.

Dr Eugene Michaels and Mel Powell, both Senior Lecturers in Economics at the University of Derby, discuss the rise of inequality.

Warren Manning discusses the government's long-awaited Industrial Strategy which aims to boost the country’s productivity and earning power.

Apple iphone and apple watch

Professor Antonio Liotta, Director of the Data Science Research Centre at the University of Derby, discusses the data science possibilities of the Internet of Things.

Overlooking pride park, windmill etc

Dr Eleni Tracada, Principal Tutor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Built Environment at the University of Derby, discusses what a smart and livable city is and how Derby can become one.

A person sat in an office

Jane Lowe, Head of Apprenticeships at the University of Derby discusses if apprenticeships can provide the answer to the skills gap.

Solar panels being fitted

Dr Polina Baranova at the University of Derby shares her tips for businesses to 'stay ahead of the curve' by being green and competitive. 

padlock with code around it

James Eaglesfield, Head of IT Governance and Portfolio Delivery, explains how the apprenticeship Levy helps us fight cybercrime.