Blog: Business

An empty, modern, cafe

Brendan Moffett, Director of the Centre for Contemporary Hospitality and Tourism at the University of Derby, explores the ways the UK hospitality sector can begin to re-open during COVID-19.

A busy London street

Carley Foster, Professor of Services Marketing at the University of Derby, considers how our high street stores have been impacted by the coronavirus outbreak, and what the retail offer of our town centres could be in a socially-distanced future.

British coins in a pile

Nicholas Apergis, Professor of Economics at the University of Derby, looks at the furlough scheme and what the extension of furlough may mean for the UK economy.

Two laptops and a pile of documents on a table

With much attention on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on labour markets, Nicholas Apergis, Professor of Economics at the University of Derby, explains how important it is for firms to maintain their labour force.

A young man in a blue suit with a briefcase standing on some stairs

Marketing student Jindrich Salak discusses his relationship with his lecturers and the first-hand industry experience he gained through an internship.

Two young people shake hands over a table in a meeting room while others look on

A student shares how he grasped employment opportunities through the DRIVEN internship scheme and how he worked with academics to develop, grow and embrace challenge.

A bicycle courier on a wet street at night sending a text on his mobile phone

Brendan Moffett discusses how the latest guidelines issued by the government are affecting businesses in the hospitality and tourism sector and what support is being made available to support them through the coronavirus crisis.

An oil rig at sunset in rough seas

Nicholas Apergis, Professor of Economics at the University of Derby, explores the possible consequences of the coronavirus crisis on global energy markets.

Workers wear hi-vis jackets and hard hats at quarry site

Julie Stone, Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor of External Affairs and Director of Online Learning, explores the growing support for a reform of the Apprenticeship Levy - change that could potentially see the levy made available for different types of training, not just apprenticeships.

a person holding a pile of coloured clothes

Charity retailer Harriet Webster urges you to say no to fast fashion and help reduce the 11 million items of clothing we send to landfill every week.