Summer School Essentials - What to Pack - University of Derby

What to Pack

What do you need to bring? Here's some information as to what you are going to need to bring with you on the three days and also some top tips from our student mentors

There isn't a list of things that you definitely have to bring, or that you can't bring to the summer school as we know everyone will be different but here's some guidelines as to what might be useful to pack in your bag!


Clothes - may sound silly but you do have to think that you're going to be away from home for a few days so bring enough clothes to cover those 3 days. Also think about the weather that we may have during the summer school. You will have your own room at the summer school, so don't worry about having to carry it around. Also think about the type of shoes that you're going to bring, as some of the sessions will require you to be active, so comfortable is probably best

Toiletries - whilst you do have your own en-suite room you will have to bring your own toiletries along with, this includes your own towel. Don't worry there is a shop just around the corner if anything runs out or you have forgot something

Other things to think about

Bedding - on the summer school bedding will be provided, but there is nothing stopping you bring your own pillow if you wish.

Graduation party - on Tuesday night you will be attending the summer school graduation party and you have the option wear whatever you would like. In the past students have wore ball gowns and suits but it is completely fine to wear causal clothing as well.

Electronics - whilst on the summer school, you will be in sessions and doing activities for large periods of the day but if you do wish to bring along stuff like iPads or other portable devices you can do. However, the university can take no responsibility for items that are lost, broken or stolen during the summer school.

Money - All of your meals, transport and social activities are provided free of charge during the summer school, but if you do wish to bring money along with you that is okay. There's a student shop on campus, and you will be staying in Buxton town cente. Similarly to electronics, we can take no responsibility if this money is lost.