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Geoscience workshops

Understanding the Earth's ice

This session gives students the opportunity to understand the drivers of glaciation and deglaciation on Earth. A powerpoint presentation will introduce the basic concepts of mass balance, advance and retreat, erosion and deposition. 

Students will then have the opportunity to experiment with a simple computer model, growing and shrinking their own cartoon glaciers and creating glacial landforms.

Satellite remote sensing: Interpreting the Earth using satellite imagery

Remote sensing is an important tool for today’s geographer. This session gives students the opportunity to learn the basic principles behind satellite remote sensing and learn to interpret and understand the content of satellite images of the Earth’s surface using ‘the elements of interpretation’.

The session starts with a quick theoretical overview, followed by an exercise where students have to find features in a hard copy Landsat image using the techniques used by professional interpreters to visually process satellite images and air photos.

The structure of the Earth and plate tectonics

This session provides students with an understanding of the Earth’s internal structure and how it is related to plate tectonics, a unifying theory that explains how our planet works.

Students will plot the distribution of earthquakes and volcanoes on a global map, helping them to define plate boundaries and characterize tectonic activity. 

Oil and gas

This session gives students the opportunity to understand the importance of oil and gas as an energy source that has changed the world. 

Students will be provided with information on the origin, uses and politics of oil and gas. Working in small groups, they will review the distribution of oil resources and compare their efficiency with sustainable energy sources.

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