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History workshops

History Challenge Day

This exciting and informative day gives students an insight into how the past can be marketed and presented to the public. Your students will work in groups to design a historic exhibition on any event or period in history. This can be decided upon prior to the day, allowing this task to be linked to something the group is currently studying. At the end of the day, students will pitch their exhibit to academics and current undergraduate students.

Social politics and the role of women

This session starts with a mini lecture on women’s involvement in British politics, beyond the well-known topic of the suffragettes. Students will cover the social aspects of this topic focusing on elite women and their involvement in political campaigns in the 18th and 19th centuries.  Primary sources will be used to engage students in a debate on social politics.

This session also includes information on the History degree at Derby as well as some general advice and information on applying and graduate careers. 

American history: USA '68

This session looks at one of the most significant years in America’s recent past by focusing critical attention  on three key ‘moments’:

  • February’s Bet Offensive
  • April’s assassination of Martin Luther King Jr
  • August’s Democratic Convention.

The session encourages students to examine these events critically from a historical standpoint whilst also demonstrating the interdisciplinary nature of degrees such as American Studies and Liberal Arts. Students will use a range of disciplines and texts such as movies, music and photojournalism to build a fuller picture of this pivotal year. 

First World War: The big debate

This workshop has been designed to improve communication, debating and team work skills. The workshop begins with a mini lecture covering the key controversies relating to the outbreak of the First World War.

Working in groups, students will be assigned a country and debate the motivation for their assigned country’s involvement in the war with the help of a fact sheet and primary sources.  The historiography around the topic will be discussed, showing the general consensus among historians. 

Why study...? Talks

Enter English or History into UCAS and students are presented with over 130 full time options. These talks provide students with information on how to research courses, what to look for and what they need to consider when choosing both their degree subject and their university. We cover everything from teaching and assessment methods to getting a place and graduate careers. Our student mentors are also on hand to answer any questions from a student perspective.

We offer talks in the following areas:

  • History
  • English and English Language
  • Creative Writing & Professional Writing
  • American Studies and Liberal Arts
  • Media and Communication and Film and TV
  • Journalism
  • Writing and Publishing

If you require further information or would like to book any of the above sessions please contact us.

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