Local Safeguarding Officers

The Local Safeguarding Officers (LoSOs) provide first-line support and advice on safeguarding issues. They have a higher level of safeguarding knowledge than the rest of their colleagues and must have completed and hold up-to-date training.

Roles and Responsibilities

What is not within the role of LoSO

Requirements of Local Safeguarding Officer

Additional supports

LoSo will be provided with the following to ensure that they can carry out their role;

Local Safeguarding Officers

Welcome to our first LoSOs here at the University of Derby.

Name Department
Charlotte Dakin College of Health, Psychology and Social Care
Nicola McKay Estates
Mariam Ivanova Estates
Coralie Coulson Finance
Nathan Robertson Widening Access
Charlotte Wisson Student Services
Holly Bragg College Advisor
Holly Simpson College Advisor
Katie Wood Conduct Team
Kirk Hegarty Halls Manager
George Lewis Executive Support

For more information, please contact the LoSO directly, or for general enquiries please get in touch with LoSO@derby.ac.uk