Student consultation

Partnership and student co-creation are well-established and embedded mechanisms within decision making at all levels of the organisation. As well as sitting on all University academic committees, students were also key co-creators in the development of the University Strategic Framework 2018-2030 and associated strategies, upon which this APP is founded. Therefore, despite the short period between publication of the OfS Regulatory Advice and Guidance and submission of this Wave 1 plan, and the challenges of engaging students in consultation during this period of the academic year, the plan is rooted in, and reflects, the shared vision of both students and the University.  

The Union of Students, through their student representatives, engaged in the identification of risks to equality of opportunity and helped to shape interpretation of both the outcomes data and mapping to the EORR. The student consultation process consisted of:

The student consultation led to the identification of key themes around risks to equality of opportunity, including access to academic support and wellbeing services, opportunities to socialise and build a sense of community and financial support and advice. These themes have been woven into the development of the intervention strategies, with the Union of Students involved in all stages of the development of the Plan.   

Students will continue to play a central role, through direct involvement in the delivery and evaluation of the plan. Students are members of the academic committees with responsibility for overseeing student outcomes and delivery of the targets set out in the APP. Further they are members of the APSG that will oversee both strategic and operational matters associated with the Plan. The University’s approach to evaluation is also inclusive of students ensuring that the lived experience of students is appropriately captured and reflected throughout.