Skills Committee - Terms of Reference

1. Constitution

The Skills Committee is a sub-committee of the University of Derby Governing Council and as such its actions are open to scrutiny and approval by the full Council. The delegation of functions does not absolve the Governing Council from accountability for the conduct and decisions of its committees. The Governing Council remains responsible for the proper conduct of the University for undertaking its duties under the instruments and articles of government and for complying with the other legislation to which it is subject. The Terms of Reference of the Committee may be varied at any time by the Governing Council.

2. Objectives

On behalf of the Governing Council, the Committee will:

3. Composition

4. Attendance and Clerking Arrangements

5. Quorum

Quorum at all meetings is 50% of the members with a majority being independent.

6. Meetings

The Skills Committee will normally meet at least four times each year.

7. Duties

Approved by Governing Council: 13 November 2020